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Steven Gladstone veenotph
Sat Nov 3 04:02:27 GMT 2001

Alejandro Perez wrote:

> Many young directors find that the DV & T2F stuff is the only way -the most
> possible way to carry their artistic ideas onto the big screen.

What is T2F?

I don't believe that there is much artistic about DV. Those who would
use it for it's properties as art, aren't trying to make hollywood

I think that the ease of the format is very damaging. It takes very
little to get a picture of "acceptable" image quality. However trying to
impro e upon that image quality is much more difficult. There is very
little that is "New" about DV in an asthetic sense. Before DV (Mini DV),
Beta SP was not acceptable for theatrical production, Now however a
lesser format (DV) is. It's the postproduction stream that has gotten
cheaper, and more readilly available. Blow ups from video to film have
improved, and come down in cost.
It's a bunch of people running around with a very lightweight typewriter
and scriptwriting software, who have never written a script before in
their lives,that are calling themselves screenwriters.

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