[Tig] re: Compressed grade

Malcolm Todd malt
Mon Nov 5 00:34:51 GMT 2001

Dominic Case wrote:

 >The only problem is that the first transfer looks dull and lifeless (it's
 >not meant to look good), and you often get producers upset that they 
have to
 >"pay again to have the colour grade fixed up - why didn't they get it 
 >the first time?".

Quite so, but we have been using this technique for years, with one 
important difference.
The compressed grade "master" is recorded direct from the telecines 
output, whilst the off-line tapes are recorded from the output of the 
grading desk. This means that the desk can be used to stretch out the 
low con telecine output to give a much more pleasing look to work with 
at the off-line stage, whilst not compromising the integrity of the 
compressed recordings.
We've found this particularly good for episodic and long form work, 
where rushes are being transferred over weeks or even months.

Mal Todd,
Omnilab Post,

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