[Tig] RE: Compressed Grade Transfers

Grant Petty grantpetty
Mon Nov 5 00:39:52 GMT 2001


Of course, you could add a "flat" setting to the monitor preferences, if 
you have one of those flashy new monitors with the presets that can be 
recalled under software control. That should produce something that 
could be calibrated facility wide.

I think it would be fairly easy to product a special PLUGE or other test 
signal to make sure all the monitors are calibrated.

Funny how the simple things be overlooked!

It would be much easer to be able to edit with flat material using the 
flat grade idea, and then tape to tape grade the edit, than to have to 
re capture all the material back into the edit from a second better 
grade tape. Anything that can speed up the edit process makes you more 
efficient than the competition.

With the cost of disks now, there is becoming a much less need to 
offline or to have to recapture material back into the editing system 
again. This is time consuming and for standard definition not as 
important as a year or two ago.


Blackmagic Design

On Monday, November 5, 2001, at 10:55  AM, Jeff Kreines wrote:

> Grant Petty wrote:
>> This is a topic I thought about a few years ago. I was considering
>> building up an SDI device to add a specific gain to the video signal so
>> it would "enhance" the grade.
> Cool idea.
> By just hitting the buttons on the monitor and taking the contrast and
> chroma fixes out of the circuit, I could return to the flat look.

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