[Tig] drop/nondrop translation utility?

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Nov 21 01:50:42 GMT 2001

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 12:43:06PM +1000, Dominic Case wrote:
> I used to have a couple of downloaded calculators but can't find them. But 
> http://www.roscor.com/Tools/tccalc.html
> comes up on the Google search and seems to do what you want

you'll have to tell me your special google search criteria, I tried and
didn't find anything useful.  Some day people will get money for being
able to translate ideas into google-searchable criteria.

> > original tapes (dv) are drop drame,
> Can't help you with drop drames though. ;-)

that was supposed to be drop dames.

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