[Tig] payment/salaries, etc

Mellissa Manzagol toxicfilms
Wed Nov 28 20:35:23 GMT 2001

I'm wondering how colorists are generally paid in settings like this...

I realize that the rate is dependent upon experience and the local
market to a large degree...

    You have the same dilemma as me with the rates thing. Some of the
factors besides what market you are in would be the types of sessions, the
rate the client is charged, if it is your client or theirs, or you go with a
per session pay basis by the company, can you work at other facilities as a
freelancer or if your clients are doing higher end transfers needing better
Then you have the equipment thing--- what if you need to take your beta sp
for some reason--- another job or whatever--- and the facility has booked it
for another reason (if that's a possibility, maybe it isn't)---who has
priority? Who pays to fix and maintain it?
Do you charge them for the machine which offsets your space agreement? I can
imagine many other factors that could be an issue, but since you've already
worked with them you have some idea of their track record--- Cover yourself
in some type of signed agreement certainly.

Hope all goes well!


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