[Tig] HDCAM for 2.35 (again!)

Mike Parsons mike.parsons
Wed Oct 31 20:33:22 GMT 2001

On 01/11/2001 3:47 AM, "Greg Dildine" <greg.dildine at finishedit.com> wrote:

> For this movie then it seems that most live action imagery if ultimately
> ending up in a scene "full height" will have come from a capture resolution
> (vertical) of only 817 lines.

How is this so different from film? Not all film formats used the whole
available frame area and whilst scans are setup to only scan the active
picture area (to save disk space) the resolution is not 'focused' on the
image area. If you only use a strip in the middle you scan less pixels.
Likewise the FILM itself provides less pixels to capture on, it doesn't care
where your active area is, there are only so many pixels in the film base.

The resolution does not fall because you use less lines, as the projection
likewise uses less picture area, so its quite acceptable to crop in this

Having worked at 2K and HD the resolution differences are not so great, BUT
the biggy is the colour depth, 10 Bit Log RGB files look way better than 8
bit linear YUV files. BUT in general the advantage of being able to see
whats on the tape and load/unload in real time (as opposed to about a day
for a full roll of film at 2K from datatape) outweigh the loss of color
information in most clients eyes.
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