[Tig] tig.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Oct 4 20:14:07 BST 2001

Apologies for the downtime, I think the tig mailinglist and
web interface are fixed now: old messages were being dredged
up and re-sent, which naturally was somewhat resented.

because I had to recreate the list from scratch, digested 
subscribers will find they are back in immediate mode; they are  
welcome to switch back to digest mode at the list page, 
http://tig.alegria.com.  (many other options are also available 


Rob Lingelbach                           rob at film.calarts.edu
System Administrator                   http://www.alegria.com  
Computer Animation Lab                        rob at alegria.com
California Institute of the Arts       http://tig.alegria.com            

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