[Tig] Telecine type overview

Grant Petty grantpetty
Sat Oct 6 01:20:33 BST 2001


I think its worth adding to your list the Philips telecine for Standard 
Definition work, as its amazing for that. I think scanning film at high 
resolution and then down converting with the right anti-aliasing 
filtering looks incredible. The Sprit does some of the best SD work I 
have ever seen.

I have been looking at some of the HD film transfers, and I tend to 
think the Sprit would look better with a 4 K scan at HD down converted 
to 2K HD though.

I have heard there is an option for this coming, is this true? Can it be 
fitted to a current Sprit?

Sorry if this has been covered on the TIG already, as I only just got 
back onto the list!


Grant Petty.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, at 05:51  AM, David L. Tosh wrote:

> Philips Spirit DataCine:
>   The line array CCD telecine that dominates HD suites today. It has 
> Kodak developed optics and is capable of both standard definition and 
> HD transfer in almost any format thought of. It scans film at

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