[Tig] Telecine type overview

Jim Mann jfmann
Sun Oct 7 17:48:52 BST 2001

Grant Petty wrote:
>I have been looking at some of the HD film transfers, and I tend to
>think the Sprit would look better with a 4 K scan at HD down converted
>to 2K HD though.

Hi Grant;
I was recently down under working the SMPTE convention in Sydney when I saw
a presentation by Cintel promoting the C-R's 4k scans, even for work that
ends up in SD. The demo showing that the picture quality holds up better if
you have to blow up the image or work with it in a graphics box. The
conclusion you quickly come to is that the higher your image acquisition is,
the better it will hold up down the post production chain.

I find this to be true in my current project which is a Doc shot in HD, some
SD and even some DV. I'm doing the color correction in SD off Digi-beta on a
Non DUI 888. (I feel like I'm in a time warp) But the images acquired in HD,
look and hold up better when pushed than the SD stuff.

Jim Mann
Freelance Colorist
jfmann at optonline.net
New York

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