[Tig] DVNR setting's and practice

lars Palmqvist lars
Mon Oct 8 13:03:55 BST 2001

Their is no doubt that a setting of 14Y 14C is to high, 
the material should be very noisy to have this setting, and then you have to live with the artifact

A good setting is about 4Y 4C and ?Hac Vac 2 2
beside this you also have level which is the luminance level where the DVNR attack's.
eg.  level of 1 and neg mode will only noise reduce the highlight areas

on bad material. we have Used 6-7Y 6-7C wich will show the surfice you are describing, 
It look's like a worn tube from a Cintel Machine where you can see the structure of the fosfer

Not being able to se the artifact on a BWM21F1 monitor is a bit strange since it is a pretty good monitor
But it is normal with high setting to se these artifacts

It is also very important to put the setting for film or video, and if you are doing video originating from film the setting should be film.
else you process interlaced pictures instead of frame based material

It sound's like you have a scratch removel in as well, with a copy paste function 
it will give you heavy artifacts if set to high

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