[Tig] Snap

Bob Festa BFesta
Wed Oct 10 19:25:57 BST 2001

Dave Tosh mentioned;

>:-) As pointed out 
> by Grant Petty, a picture that starts out in high definition can have 
> a SD output that has extra snap-- some extra feeling of resolution that 
> we didn't see in previous generation standard definition equipment. I
think this is 
> mostly due to a modulation transfer curve that remains at high numbers 
> until it reaches the filtering limit imposed by the standard definition
output format. 


Funny you should mention this. I've been running in 1080i 60 exclusively
around the clock for the past two years. The SD recordings I make are down
converted images from a variety of down converters. Over the two years I
have seen frame based artifacts from them all. Some artifacts acceptable,
others horrible. At one point I was routing in converters on a scene by
scene basis depending on what nasties raised their head. The point of all of
these headaches is in the quantifiable difference to the images that stay in
1080 for as long as possible. I find greater headroom and a wider palette
that I cant put a scope on, but can attest to the greater "snap" mentioned
by Dave Tosh. I'm sure the HD noise reduction helps some also.

Having said all of that. We recently acquired a SD tub to the Snell and
Wilcox HD1010 switcher so that I can run in native SD. Sometimes the
artifact and delay headaches are just too much to justify the extra
perceived snap :)

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