[Tig] tig-announce mailinglist.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Oct 12 05:03:35 BST 2001

The TIG-announce mailinglist is configured and ready.  Here
is an excerpt from the old TIG webpages, modified slightly to
reflect some modernization:

There exists since 1996 an auxiliary, 'commercial' version of the 
TIG mailinglist, for advertisements of help wanted/positions desired, 
product news from manufacturers, and equipment for sale. This mailinglist 
is known as the 'tig-announce' list and postings can be sent to 
tig-announce at tig.alegria.com. This is a digested form of mailinglist and 
is published when the size of the collected messages reaches about 5 pages.
Posting participants are asked to contribute to the TIG.
Inquiries to rob at alegria.com 

Rob Lingelbach                         http://www.alegria.com 
System Administrator                     rob at film.calarts.edu
Computer Animation Lab                        rob at alegria.com
California Institute of the Arts              

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