[Tig] Spirit Shutdown

Emory Cohen ecohen
Fri Oct 12 18:38:39 BST 2001

I believe there are several people from Thompson who read the Tig.  Is there any Tig "regulation" which would prohibit a manufacturer from responding to this sort of inquiry?  If not, something from those who make the Spirit would be appreciated.

Emory Cohen
Laser Pacific 

On Thursday, October 11, 2001, Robert Lovejoy <rlovejoy at home.com> wrote:
>Just curious,
>     I was wondering if any Spirit operators shut down power to the machine
>either nightly or over the weekend.  When our machine was installed they
>recommended we leave it on constantly as the power cycling would impact bulb
>    However, bulbs are relatively inexpensive compared to the power draw of
>even an idle Spirit.  I may be willing to lose a few hours of bulb life if
>the savings on the electric bill make it worthwhile economically.
>     Looking forward to your thoughts...
>Bob Lovejoy
>Shooters Post & Transfer
>Philadelphia, PA
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