[Tig] Question for anyone familiar with a Rank IIIC with Sunburst Color Corrector

stuart stuart
Thu Oct 18 03:45:05 BST 2001

Hi Everyone! 

I need some help.  I've got a Rank IIIC and Sunburst II Color Corrector.  After hooking it all up I can't get the film transport to move form the Rank or the Sunburst. 
On the back of the Sunburst's "Main Data Processor" there are inputs for "Source select".   I'm pretty sure i need a cable conencted here to "source 1" but what would the other end of that cable plug into??   Also  does a cable have to be conencted to "count out" on either the "scanner interface" or "main data Processor"?   

Thank You Very much !!!!!

Stuart Debenham
Debenham Media Group
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