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Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Oct 22 21:54:36 BST 2001

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 07:39:20PM -0700, Martin Euredjian wrote:

> The atmosphere over Los Angeles is nothing close to a clean 
> and standard atmosphere.  

When Native Americans were in the majority in Los Angeles, they called the 
basin the "Valley of Smokes".  The smoke from anything burned tended to 
rise a bit and then join fogs and haze to form a layer of murk.   

A few years ago a 747 approached Hawthorne airport for a landing,
thinking it was LAX, and pulled up at the last minute.  The (1) runway 
at Hawthorne is much shorter than what a 747 needs, but more or less in 
the path of an eastern approach to LAX.  

> I would guess that this smog bubble does something to surface lights
> when viewed through it from a vantage point well above the top of the dome.

when I see the lights of L.A., even from a plane, I am well
within the dome of influence of pollutants, as it's during either 
an approach or a departure.  But I think the idea here is that the 
color characteristics- spectrum, amplitude, etc. are more noticeable 
when the source is somewhat of a point, rather than when it is providing 
any ambience.   

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