[Tig] tig digest threshold

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Oct 25 01:44:35 BST 2001

for those of you subscribed to the tig in digest mode, the
mailinglist has been relatively quiet lately, which is why
you haven't received the digest-- it was set for a 30kb
threshold before triggering a distribution.  I've just 
changed that to 10kb, which is roughly 5 pages.  

Another choice I have is to have the digest go out daily, 
no matter what the size.

Which option would digest subscribers prefer?

(I'll kick out the current digest after this message.)

Rob Lingelbach                         http://www.alegria.com 
System Administrator                     rob at film.calarts.edu
Computer Animation Lab                        rob at alegria.com
California Institute of the Arts              

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