[Tig] MNR11

James P. McGrory jmcgrory
Thu Aug 8 15:04:53 BST 2002

Hello All,


            I have a few questions. We have recently ?upgraded? our
noise reduction from an Accom 125M to a BTS MNR11 noise reducer.  I am
in need of a complete manual and setup tips and hints as to the best
settings. I have a copy of the operations section of the manual only,
and it?s gotten us up and running. I would like to know if there are any
maintenance setups that would test or improve the scratch and dirt

I realize that this isn?t the latest technology out there, and there are
tradeoffs when making these adjustments.

If you can help, you may contact me off the list. 

Thanks in advance for any information.



                        Jim McGrory

                        The PPS Group

                        Cincinnati, Ohio

                        jmcgrory at theppsgroup.com



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