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Sebastian Sylwan sebastian
Fri Aug 23 12:08:40 BST 2002

That's interesting !

Did you do that WF monitor matching under always the same condition of 
light or you went trough different lighting scenarios and matched the "best 
average" ?

I believe that the pigment combination you use may react differently to 
different spectra in the illuminating sources and different ligthing 

That said i have pulled many many keys out of whatever blue was available 
at the closest hardware store and always succeded if lit correctly without 
too much noticeable added difficulty than when using rosco / ultimatte blue 
or green.



At 10.49 20/08/2002 +1000, Ian Richardson wrote:
>Mike Parsons wrote:
> >
> > Chroma key blue may be protected by Ultimatte corp. not sure though.
> >
> > Mike Parsons
> >
>I believe that Ultimatte did supply 'their' blue to the industry however
>I was never aware of any 'patients'. We used their blue sample 'swatch'
>[Back in the alalogue days] and had the local [Australia] scenery paint
>supplier 'match' that sample using a camera and vector/WF mons. We achieved
>a perfect vector/luma match with the ultimatte sample. We then 'named' the new
>paint as '[Company XXXXX] Blue' for ease of ordering. This became the paints
>generic name for some time, as clients would ask us what sort of paint 
>does one
>use for ultimatte. Even though the 'color' matched perfectly I am sure the 
>we used to arrive at the target would not have been the same as the original
>sample supposedly owned by ultimatte. We did a Company XXXX Green too.
>I guess my point is a color can be arrived at by many means and I would 
>that the 'color' itself can be 'patented' only the mix of pigments to 
>achieve it.
>Most would be aware that there are a number of color matching industry 
>i.e. Trumatch, Focotone and Pantone. Pantone inc. being the most widely 
>used around
>the world. These basically specify a four color process for reflective color
>[CMYK] I would suspect that the Kodak, Fuji, Coca-Cola etc. would more 
>than likely
>specify 'their' color as a Pantone reference number.
>Interestingly Pantone have also interpreted its colors in RGB [emitted light]
>values for simulation on a computer monitor. unfortunately due to the 
>total lack
>of worldwide color phosphor standards betwixt the computing industry, Europe
>TV [EBU] and the US TV etc. etc. this, although, a valiant attempt, is a 
>big ask.
>Ian Richardson
>Kotij Sydney
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