[Tig] Re: MTV Music awards -greg again

Graham Collett grahamcollett
Fri Aug 30 20:57:37 BST 2002

 By the way, what did this show look like "converted" to PAL/625-50??

I haven't seen it yet but  i guess you are all talking about a horrible
effect that many people put on video to make it look like what they think is
film. I've seen many shows in europe transmitted like this, one i asked
about on the tig but didnt get any significant response was the "Quiz show"
from Italian TV's RAI1 .... it just looks like they have shot it on video
and switched off one field and given it the "super promo" colour correction
look. Successfully looking like a bad VHS really aperture corrected but at
much more or a cost.
sorry RAI just my opininion

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