[Tig] HDCAM 23.98p vs 29.97p & down converting...

Bob Festa BFesta
Wed Jan 9 18:24:55 GMT 2002

Dave Satin wrote:

>One application note here: in my experience, the unity preset 
>setting on the aperture corrector in the Sony F 500 deck is set way 
>too high for my taste: the SOP at SMA is to turn down as low as 
>possible all aperture correction and sharpening controls on the 
>Sony downconverter.


Great point here Dave. I've always been concerned with contours and aperture
correction in the bay. I come from the less is more school. For a more
filmic look, its best to go as far upstream as possible and sweep out those
F500 menu items that involve aperture. I have worked in 1080psf recently
with Bob Giraldi on McDonalds and Hallmark spots, and it was the shooters
who brought this to my attention. In a HD signal flow there are too many
gotcha's between the source and record decks. Who would have thought that
high frequency management would involve looking under so many rocks. 



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