[Tig] Re: [Tig]opinions?? begging here...

Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Thu Jan 10 20:10:38 GMT 2002

Thanking anyone for their time in advance, I'm still looking for more answers and or comments to my downconverting and HDCAM questions.  So far the only response I got was from SMA's Dave Satin who doesn't even have his 2K downconverter(s) yet... (and the Teranex rep of course)


Greg Dildine
Senior Colorist
Finish - Boston
greg.dildine at finishedit.com

PS  Any Sony guys out there?  Is it correct that any of your HD decks: HDW500, F500, M2100, and M2000 will play out originally captured 29.97psf at 1080i59.94 (so daVinci's downconverter will provide 601/480i)?  Along those lines, a couple Sony guys couldn't tell me if I send 29.97psf to my Multisync BVM-D32E1WU via the HD serial input board (that I don't have yet) whether the monitor actually "paints" the picture progressively or "converts" to interlace?  Just a technical curiosity.

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