[Tig] telecine, labs & post facilities visit in LA & London

Mohit Shetty shettymohit
Wed Jan 16 10:27:44 GMT 2002

Hi Guys!

I have finally made it to Los Angeles from Bombay!!!

and would appreciate invitations to visit some of the post facilities & labs 
around LA, especially telecine suites handling 2K film. I leave by the 
weekend, so sorry abt the short notice.if i get more invitaions than i can 
handle would be tempted to stay on a while longer....

would really love to place faces to all the names one constantly sees on the 
TIG.LA would be a good start!!!pls get in touch.

thanks in advance, and wish you all a very positive year ahead.

Mohit Shetty
Bombay, INDIA

currently in Los Angeles on
tel: 323-878-6260

p.s: am in London from 1st feb to the 10th, and would appreciate similar
     invitations to visit, thanks & bye. And Rob, pls email me your tel
     nos, so that i could get in touch & meet you.

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