[Tig] can it be done ??

Hans Lehmann hlehmann
Wed Jan 16 18:08:09 GMT 2002

There are a number of software products available, here's the first one that
I stumbled across on the web.


Many don't really have a very good display, especially when you're used to a
traditional analog waveform monitor.  It's sort of like when digital
oscilloscopes first started replacing analog ones. The displays didn't have
any variations in intensity; a pixel was either on or off, never half-way.

Tektronix has been working on a software waveform/vectorscope that I was
very impressed with, though I'm not sure if they'll be releasing it as a
stand-alone piece of software.

Hans Lehmann
Encore, Hollywood

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> i am looking for a way to have a laptop become a portable oscilloscope ,
so i could hook it up to a > rgb or d1 monitor and have on the laptop a
waveform or vector scope  display of the image 

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