[Tig] Spirit Integration Cylinder Problems

Marc Wielage mfw
Tue Jan 29 05:57:57 GMT 2002

Benjamin Miller <soho_asia at hotmail.com> commented on the TIG list:

> Has anyone had any problems with the integration cylinder in the Spirit film
> gate?  We have had cracking and small chips of paint detaching from the
> cylinder wall.

Dave Sargent of Philips in LA (otherwise known affectionately as "Sergeant
Dave") impressed upon me several years ago the need to be extremely careful
while cleaning the Spirit gate, because of the fragility of the coating on
the inside of the white "light box" container.

One thing he pointed out was, don't just slop on a rag soaked in alcohol, as
so many do with Rank gates.  Just a few drops is enough, and he also advised
turning the plate _upside-down_ while doing it, to make sure none of the
fluid ever gets inside the chamber.

If the thing is really flaking out, you may have no choice but to replace
the entire pressure plate, or ask Philips if that part is available
separately.  I would think since all it is is a diffuse light box, there
isn't that much precision involved, so it shouldn't be all that hard to
attach.  (But you never know.)

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite
  Hollywood, USA

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