[Tig] how many telecines?

Pedro Conforit pedroconforti
Tue Jul 2 11:45:12 BST 2002

It is hard to answer because there are many brands and
almost obsolete stuff around...

Anyway, if it helps, I guess there are about 10-12
running here in Brasil... 
1 C-reality
2 Spirits 
1 Shadow 
1 Millenium, 
4 or 5 Ursas Diamond
1 or 2 FDLs...

Don't know about the rest of south america. But if
everyone answers then we'll have a rough idea.


Pedro Conforti
Estudios Mega

--- Rob Lingelbach <rob at film.calarts.edu> wrote:

How many telecines are here in the US, and How many in
the rest of the world?

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