[Tig] Innovation-tk.com

Michael Orton mike
Tue Jul 2 19:55:51 BST 2002

Just received the distressing news about Innovation TK. This is a 
particularly cruel blow, since the introduction of their new scanner 
had generated considerable interest and anticipation among folks in 
the film business here in California.
...Not to mention the significant contribution that Stu, Delph. and 
co. have made to advancing the "art" and science of film reproduction.

This is a dark day indeed. I know that everyone on the TIG, whether 
customer, competitor or casual observer would wish the folks at ITK 
the very best in the future, and we know it will be by no means 
"adios", but surely "au revoir".

Most sadly

Mike Orton
Weird Science Inc.
(310) 753-1362


"No race, country or individual has a monopoly of good or evil"

- Winston Spencer Churchill

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