SV: [Tig] how many telecines?

Egil Ljøstad egil.ljostad
Thu Jul 4 13:18:55 BST 2002

Norwegian Broadcasting Corp., NRK in Oslo
1 X Ursa Diamond Y-Front
1 X FDL 90

Egil Lj?stad, Colorist

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Fra: Nils Lind Petersen RS-TSTV [mailto:nlp at]
Sendt: 4. juli 2002 13:28
Til: tig at
Emne: SV: [Tig] how many telecines?

at DR, Copenhagen:

1 x Ursa Gold
2 x MKiii, both JUMP SCAN!  -though with downstream DME5000's for optional

Nils Lind Petersen
Danmarks Radio

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Fra: Ken Robinson [mailto:crash2010 at]
Sendt: 3. juli 2002 12:04
Til: tig at
Emne: Re: [Tig] how many telecines?

Post houses only.


1 x Spirit
1 x Shadow


2 x Spirit
2 x Diamond
1 x Gold
1 x FDL 60


1 x Spirit
1 x Diamond
1 x Turbo
1 x Quadra


2 x Spirit
1 x Shadow
1 x Diamond


1 x Spirit
1 x Quadra Vision

Ken Robinson

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