[Tig] Digital Intermediate diagram question

Digital Praxis digital.praxis
Sat Jul 6 08:49:34 BST 2002

> > "Standard Intermediate Colour Encoding" would be something
> > like Cineon -- with a lot of latitude, and incorporating
> > the "look" of the camera filmstock.
> I hear people have also been doing low-con one-light transfers
> for subsequent tape-to-tape grading. I'd say that's also an
> "intermediate colour encoding", albeit not a standard one.

Here at Cinecitta we have built a full digital intermediate system (see
previous postings) and work both with full latitude log .dpx and .cin files
scanned via 'datacine' and scanner. We also work with low-con best light lin
transfers. All grading is done within the digital intermediate system (which
happens to be based on a Quantel iQ) at what ever resolution and bit depth
the data is supplied at regardless of  the scan being log or lin. As
mentioned previously we are also working with the new Thomson Viper data
camera, which is a log based camera with a high(ish) latitude. We output to
all formats too, from film through high-res digital to standard video and
below. What many people forget is that digital intermediate system can
source from any input (film, data, HD + SD video, 3D, animation, etc.) work
within a mixed format post environment and output to any required medium
(film, data, HD, SD, DVD, etc...). It makes for a very flexible and powerful
environment. If interested I have a 'white-paper' on the Cinecitta setup I
can provide.

I must also add that since my last posting I have been contracted by Quantel
to provide consultative services to them to assist with the development of
iQ within the digital intermediate world, based on the success of Cinecitta,
so I do have a interest in this approach beyond what I have setup at

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