[Tig] Re: How many telecines?

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Sat Jul 6 11:43:10 BST 2002

Peter Lynch writes:
> 124 Facilities in London also no longer have a Spirit or for that matter
> telecine.

Golly, I didn't know there were that many facilities in London to begin

But seriously folks, I wish I could weigh in with the Philadelphia area
count.  Downtown, we have a Spirit and Modern Video has a  C-Reality, but
our noble out-of-town behemoth competition, NFL Films, has at least two
Spirits and maybe more, and possibly some of their older units (they had a
Quadra and some MkIIIs) are still running.  Hopefully someone from NFL will
supply that info.

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer
Philadelphia, PA

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