[Tig] D6 tape costs?

Jeff Heusser lists
Sun Jul 7 23:37:06 BST 2002

On Sunday, July 7, 2002, at 02:32  PM, Graham Collett wrote:
> No one seem to scoff at D1's when they came out at ?100,000 a piece, 
> that
> must have been when?,  late eighties early nineties ... and  was 
> probably
> 40% of the cost of a telecine at the time..  is it relatively the same 
> now
> ??? I suppose the only difference may be that most were doing that sort 
> of
> work where as only a small % are doing data today.

Kind of a tough comparison... what was the alternative back then, 1", 
D2?  That was a leap of quality that justified the cost (and clients 
would pay for).  An easier sell than a faster data drive.  Also I think 
people are more savvy to the lifespan of any format now... data drives 
seem to come and go and even video formats like D1 are becoming hard to 
find (and support).  So to spend big $$$ on a format that is not in 
widespread use, you better have a specific need because it is such a 
crapshoot.  Also what to big data users outside our business use?

Does anyone know about technologies beyond re-inventing the tape drive?  
Seems like we should be due for something in that area by now.

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