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Richard Torpey rtorpey
Mon Jul 8 01:34:39 BST 2002

I wouldn't worry about not being able to read the file format - I would
have great concerns about recovering the data from the archive medium.
Data tape formats seem to change even more often than video tape formats
with computer systems guys much more willing to toss the old slow drives
in favor of the new fast drives that let them get their backup/restores
done that much faster. There is a mindset that old
hardware/software/data isn't useful that will be tough to overcome. I've
fallen victim to that myself when evaluating how useful it is to keep
obsolete systems up and running - after getting repeated assurances from
3D folks that they had absolutely no use for the old "Personal Iris"
SGI's and would never miss them when they were gone I found that they
had already tossed all the old QIC-150 tape drives except for one left
on a PI. They came to me to recover an old job with some material they
needed for reference - fortunately I kept one of the old machines around
as a mail server.
Budgeting for maintaining obsolete equipment is a tough sell - the
alternative is to have budget line for "Data Transfer and Conversion" to
new formats as they come along.
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 On Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 03:37:06PM -0700, Jeff Heusser wrote:

> widespread use, you better have a specific need because it is such a 
> crapshoot.  Also what to big data users outside our business use?

Jeff do you think there's any danger of a particular file format like
.dpx being essentially unreadable 100 years from now?

I ask because we will be considering this question at the UCLA Film
when we design it in the next year or two (I'm joining them next month).

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