[Tig] Telecines of the Earth 20020707

David Hurst david
Mon Jul 8 18:41:44 BST 2002


Counting machines by type, facility, city and country is and endless 
task like painting the Golden Gate bridge, you start at one side and 
when you have finished you start all over again.  When I was at 
Brimar and Cintel I claimed to have a comprehensive list of in 
service machines in N America, this list is 2 years old but to give 
you an idea of the numbers it was made up as follows:

20 C Realities
105 URSA (all models)
2 Mk 3 HD
5 HR 1440
17 Turbos
128 Mk3 (all models)
62 Spirits
29 FDL/Quadras

These numbers have changed significantly in detail but I would expect 
the total count to be reasonably close.  A broad brush approach would 
be to assess the global numbers based on how many machines each 
manufacturer claims to have sold.  I believe Cintel built 927 Mk 3's, 
350+ URSA.  How many C-Realities, (60?) Millenium's (40?) Spirits 
(250?) and Shadows (?) should not be too difficult to extract this 
data.  The real trick will be counting the still in service Mk 3's 
and FDL's, one has to believe that all URSA machines are still in 
service somewhere, they move around so much it is impossible to keep 
track of them.

Good luck with the counting.

David Hurst

>The latest version.  I've folded in all the data I have.  Waiting
>to hear from Cintel; their data I'm sure will change this quite a bit.
>There have to be more Mark III's out there.  I remember when Steve Roach
>found a hundred of them in a warehouse, unused, in Africa!.

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