[Tig] DVD question and Telecine count

Perry Paolantonio perry
Tue Jul 9 13:40:37 BST 2002

depends on the equipment being used, and the market. I charge 
$12/running minute with a 30 minute minimum to encode MPEG2 and burn 
a simple auto-playing DVD from Beta SP. I use a Spruce Maestro, which 
is a fairly high-end [though slightly older]. however, since i'm a 
one-man operation with low overhead, i'm sort of an exception when it 
comes to pricing.

I know of other companies in the area [Boston] getting as much as 
$50/running minute with a really high end encoder.

no frills dvd

At 12:26 pm +0000 7/9/02, Alexandru Ciocan wrote:
>How much do you charge to record from a Beta Sp NTSC to a DVD (DVD R 
>or video DVD )
>In ROMANIA there are 2 Spirit Datacine
>                     1 FDL 90
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