[Tig] ITK-Millenium (HELP WANTED)

phillip maher phillip
Tue Jul 9 13:57:17 BST 2002

Hello all,

My name is Phillip Maher and I work for Condor-Post-Production, we have 2 ITK-Millenium's one in London and one in Amsterdam (bit of a problem that), we were wondering here at the Engineering department 
if other company's that have an ITK would like to get together, either through internet the phone or we maybe we could meet somewhere.

Basically what we  want to achieve and talk about

1. Keep the machine running.
2. Outstanding issue's that ITK did not get around to.
3. Further development of the machine. 
4. Spare parts.
5. Modified parts, i.e. is there anyone that has the new lenses.
6. Setting up a service and development department.
7.Engineers that would be keen to do something, either with us or another company or on a freelance basis.

or anything else about the ITK that could be useful.

yours faithfully.

Phillip Maher.

phillip at condor-post.com

tel    : 0031-20-6712600
mob : 0031-20-6712600
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