[Tig] Chris Lyons

Michael Orton mike
Tue Jul 9 22:05:44 BST 2002

It is my very sad duty to report the untimely death, while on 
vacation, of Chris Lyons, colorist and partner at 601 in Los Angeles; 
sister company to Rushes/LA.

Chris had established an enviable reputation as a commercials 
colorist, but was always modest about his exceptional talent. His 
passing on Sunday evening at the age of only 37 has come as a great 
shock to his many friends, coworkers and loyal clients.

People who met Chris never failed to be impressed by his energy, 
understanding of the creative process, and commitment to always 
producing material of the highest possible quality. Anyone who 
attended one of his sessions knows how his boyish enthusiasm and 
charm would quickly win over the room.

Funeral services are expected to be Friday or Saturday of this week.

Mike Orton
Weird Science Inc.
(310) 753-1362


"No race, country or individual has a monopoly of good or evil"

- Winston Spencer Churchill

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