[Tig] Spectre in worldwide count?

Uwe Braehler uwe
Wed Jul 10 00:10:25 BST 2002

Hi Jeff, 

On 9 Jul 2002 at 16:35, JSnopes at aol.com wrote: 
> One could look at the Spectre as the "Hamburger Helper" of telecine --
> it stretches that pound of telecine a good bit... (sorry, Thomson!)
Specter - resp Digital Intermediate - is way off the "pound of 
telecine". Like iQ, like Colossus 5d. It's a new world, not a new 
way. Everybody has to learn this, not manufactures only but users 

Have you ever thought of other ways (again this word)  of capturing? 
Film is not dead, it's just smells funny.(does DP's not feel this 

Uwe Braehler 
Uwe Braehler uwe at braehler.de

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