[Tig] JL Cooper MCS Colorist Control Station, Avid Xpress

EricksonTelecine at aol.com EricksonTelecine
Fri Jul 12 03:39:20 BST 2002

It appears that the product is so new that they're still updating things on 
their website.   If you download "JLCooper Product News Summer 2002" PDF 
found at http://www.jlcooper.com/pages/news.html    you'll see it on page 2 
of the doc.

Usual disclaimer.

Jim Erickson

In a message dated 7/11/02 10:21:47 PM, pedroconforti at mac.com writes:

<< but I could not find anything with a joyball, by looking on the pictures

page... so I was  bit disappointed at first. But who knows, maybe there is

something else I've missed. >>

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