[Tig] Colorist Wanted

Richard Torpey rtorpey
Fri Jul 12 23:05:51 BST 2002

Hello folks,
After many months of collaboration with Sony on telecine development
Rhinoceros/MultiVideo Group is re-entering the telecine market with a
new and improved Vialta 4:4:4 HD telecine. We are looking for a colorist
interested in doing innovative work in our Viata/2K suite. This suite is
closely integrated with our editorial and visual effects departments and
a colorist familiar with working in 24p for both feature and commercial
effects work will have quite an array of cutting edge tools to employ in
supporting in-house projects as well as independent film to tape and
tape to tape work. 
Please reply off-list - if you have any questions please either call me
directly or email rich at torpey.com.
Rich Torpey
VP Engineering
Rhinoceros/MultiVideo Group
50 East 42 Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 986-1577
(212) 972-0702 fax
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