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Michael D. Most mikemost
Sat Jul 13 03:46:54 BST 2002

After a few years as a Visual Effects Supervisor, I've been thinking seriously of returning to the colorist ranks (pardon the pun). "You don't know what you've got til it's gone" comes to mind, but in actuality, what I've discovered is that although I have truly enjoyed my time in visual effects, and learned a lot of things I would never have learned had I not done it, the strange truth is that I've never felt as "natural" at it as I did as a colorist. The advent of digital intermediates has also influenced my thinking, in the sense that during most of my career as a colorist, I worked primarily on episodic television programs - great ones, mind you, but applying those skills to feature work using the newer equipment more devoted to the task, along with working directly from data files - that's pretty interesting and exciting stuff to me. Anyway, if anyone is interested, or works for someone who might be interested, in a ready-to-come-back-with-tail-between-legs-but-also-enthusiastic-about-the-prospect-highly-experienced-hopefully-soon-to-be-ex-ex-colorist, please let me know. For obvious reasons, please don't post directly to the TIG with a response - email me at mikemost at attbi.com. Any information or invitations welcome - I might even be interested in London or various Australian locations as well, but L.A. is home.

Mike Most

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