[Tig] HIGH DEFINITION from the LA Times July 11, 2002

Dick Hobbs dick
Sun Jul 14 18:09:55 BST 2002

Many thanks to Bill for forwarding this article, which obviously I would
never have seen otherwise.

The lead-in is very interesting, although of course it is absolutely nothing
to do with high definition origination. What makes it interesting - and I
would bet large sums of someone else's money that this is the first time
this has happened - is that leading Hollywood names were subject to the real
test of digital cinema. It is not about comparing an electronic projector
with a pristine print, it is about ensuring that every showing is as good as
the premiere. And by comparing a digital projector with a print that has
been around the circuit, Lucas demonstrated just that.

The other quote in this piece that I found interesting was Roger Deakins
saying ""Film is rather like the magic lantern. There's a sense of mystery,
because you don't know what's going into the magic black-box camera until
you send the film to the lab With digital, it's all very
businesslike...We're not businessmen. We're artists and magicians."

This is the same Roger Deakins who enthusiastically embraced digital post
for O Brother Where Art Thou?. He used digital post both to correct shooting
problems (taking the green out of monsoon Mississippi) and to use colour as
part of the story telling. Is this a different reporter asking a different
set of questions, or does Deakins see a difference between originating and
finishing electronically?

Dick Hobbs

PS I know we think the Viper is going to be good, but "five times as much
detail as previous high definition models"?

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