[Tig] Service Support for ITK Product Users

Craig Risebury - ITK craig
Tue Jul 16 08:01:12 BST 2002

During this transition period at Innovation TK we want to reassure our
Millennium customers and users of the our Twiggi, ScanDal and Y Front
products that service engineering support is available.

Three former ITK Service Engineers are providing you with full product
support through engineering visits, spare parts coverage and telephone

Dan Borg is responsible for Europe and India.

David Marshall is responsible for The Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

Craig Risebury is responsible for Canada, United States, Mexico and South

Each of us has a full set of spares for the Millennium, plus spares for the
Twiggi, ScanDal and Y Front products.  In addition to supporting our own
areas we will provide telephone support for the other areas, so effectively
providing you with a 24/7 service.

Stuart Hunt is backing each of us with expertise.

The new developments that were due to be launched for the Millennium will be
available for installation shortly and I will be writing to each
Millennium user individually explaining how and when we will make these new
developments available.

The contact information for each of us is as follows

Dan Borg
United Kingdom

Tel number +44 7973802386
email  dan at innovation-tk.com

David Marshall
New Zealand

Tel Number + 64 92949152
email davem at telecine.co.nz

Craig Risebury

Tel number 00 1 661 645 0471
email craig at innovation-tk.com

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Craig Risebury

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