[Tig] Digital Negatives

Marc Wielage mfw
Wed Jul 17 02:42:03 BST 2002

Chuck Harrison <cfharr at erols.com> commented on the TIG on 7/16/02 3:10 PM:

> That timed IP really *does* print to a proper release print with a
> one-light. If you're a lab, doing a high-speed print run, you
> don't want to be doing scene-to-scenes.

Don't forget that the IP exists only to make an internegative.  It's the
latter that's used to make the release prints.

In some cases, I know of situations where further timing was done by the lab
in the IP -> Interneg stage, so sometimes things do get tweaked again at the
last minute.

"Sure, the studios would like to get rid of the "vision thing"
and see it all done by a computer program, but it ain't gonna happen
without a big loss of quality."

As long as creative people are in charge of directing and photographing the
film, that won't ever happen, period.  What I think could eventually happen
is that the director will only have to color-time the film ONCE, and then
that material will yield the film prints, D-cinema projection, and home
video masters.

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  Hollywood, USA

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