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Thu Jul 18 16:10:57 BST 2002

More interesting discussions ongoing. There seems to be a market shift
happening here with discussions on the traditional applications for TKs
giving way to 'next generation' colour grading and image manipulation
systems. I find this very exciting.

As I write this I am sat at a 'clients' in LA who are looking to set up DI
style workflow similar to that I have operation in Cinecitta. In this one
room I have a film projector, small TI micro-mirror projector, HD and SD
monitors, all being drived from an iQ which is being fed 2K image data from
a telecine datascanner and the material graded via a da vinci using iQ as a
virtual telecine. Using the output LUT capability of iQ we have balenced
all outputs to be within acceptable tolerances (very small differences even
if I do say so myself) enabling the original 2K data to be effectively
graded once and the LUTs used to provide the gross changes required for the
various format outputs, with iQ performing realtime format conversion. As
Chuck suggested, this is a vision of one possible futures and one I am
actively working towards with a number of far-sighted clients.

Again, this is not to say film and traditional telecine operations are
dead, just that there is another alternative.

On a slightly seperate note I have been overwhelmed with requests for
copies of my off-white 'white paper'. I think I have replied to all but if
I have missed anyone (as in you have not seen a copy in your e-mail) please
let me know. I will attempt to post a version of it on the Wiki as soon as
I get a chance (thanks for ok'ing this Rob).

Digital praxis Consulting
Working for a number of prople including Cinecitta and Quantel so anything
I say is my view, tainted by my experience with my clients.

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