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Kassner, Neal NJK
Thu Jul 18 20:30:14 BST 2002

Apologies in advance for a US-centric post...        
Has anybody ever been nominated for or won an Emmy for color grading (the
actual process, not the gear used to achieve it)? In looking over the
nominations announced today, I don't see any category that addresses this
art/craft specifically. DP's are represented (but not their operators), as
are single- and multi-camera-production operators and video controllers.
Sound editing and mixing have categories, doing for the audio in some cases
what a colorist does for the picture. Now, I realize that a line needs to be
drawn somewhere, otherwise there'd be an award for Outstanding Craft
Services In A Classical Music-Dance Program, but it seems to me that those
of us who collaborate in bringing images to an audience should be allowed to
sink or swim together.
Ok, ok, I admit it...I have an axe to grind here: a project I was involved
with has been nominated in several categories but I find myself shut out;
the re-recording mixers and Foley artist are in there (I didn't even know
there WAS a Foley artist on the show), as are the to-be-expected
above-the-liners, and (most deservedly), the cinematographers and picture
editors. I'm pretty sure it's because there's no specific category color
grading would fit into--is it part of the cinematography? Part of the
editing? It's not Visual Effects, and it certainly isn't Makeup For A Series
(Prosthetic). I know it wasn't just an oversight on the producers' part. But
that's my point--is there a category, and if there isn't, should there be?
I know there are plenty of subscribers here who are far better-versed in the
politics and traditions of the Industry than I am, and many who deserve to
have a statuette on their mantelpiece. I'm afraid I may be coming across as
somewhat of a crybaby, so please feel free to slap me around if I'm out of
line or if the subject's been addressed in the past. I admit this sort of
thing isn't normally on my radar; I usually just go along (marginally) fat,
dumb, and happy in my work. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best gig I've
ever lucked into, period.
Flame away!
Neal Kassner
Colorist, CBS/NY
njk at cbsnews.com <mailto:njk at cbsnews.com> 
Disclaimer:  the above is my opinion alone, and does not necessarily reflect
the views of my employer. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living
or dead, is purely coincidental.
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