[Tig] no resume's or CVs to tig-announce

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Jul 22 03:49:13 BST 2002

no resume's or CVs should be posted to the tig-announce either in
text or attachments, they are too much for people who subscribe
to the tig from places where slow modem access is the norm.  As
well, attachments in general are not a good idea, when one
realizes the bandwidth and archive space needed for such files on
a mailinglist.  I could strip them but that would exclude about
30% of the mail coming through the tig from people who have both 
html and ascii enabled for messages (it really should be one or
the other, with ascii only for mailinglists).  And then I'd have
to spend hours every day telling people why I'm excluding their
html attachments etc.  but still it might be necessary if we get
too many attachments coming through.

tig admin
Rob Lingelbach      http://www.alegria.com      rob at calarts.edu

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