[Tig] no resume's or CVs to tig-announce

Paul Grace paul
Mon Jul 22 11:51:17 BST 2002

> no resume's or CVs should be posted to the tig-announce either in
> text or attachments, they are too much for people who subscribe
> to the tig from places where slow modem access is the norm.

Please can you think again on this. I agree with you on attachments and long
text but short CV descriptions and a link if possible to a www page would be
OK wouldn't it?
These are hard times and there are lots of people that need any help we can
A colourist I know hasn't worked for nearly a year and his life is falling
apart around him. I'll put up with some surplus emails if it helps people
and I'm sure most others would do so too.

Paul G.

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