[Tig] Oil, acrylic, and watercolors [was: July 11 LA Times]

Paul Grace paul
Mon Jul 22 12:34:38 BST 2002

> I'm touchy on the use of Art issues in this world too Paul, but I'm not sure
> I agree with your take on this.
> It seems to me that the analogy used was to say that somehow an oil painting
> is superior to acrylics..

No, you miss-understood my words Craig, all art is valid and my point was
exactly that there is no list rating for art mediums so you can't say that
OIL is DATA and Watercolour is SDTV etc.
> maybe you have a different place in
> your heart for traditional "Art" and photography. Many people think of
> painting, sculpture, or more traditional forms of Art as more "artful" than
> photography. 

Photography is good art, colour correction is good art, wrapping skyscrapers
in paper is good art. Art is creative expression as you know.
In my heart I adore all good art and lateral thinking. I started as a
musician and audible art is also high in my list of cultural interests.
The key here is creativity. If a telecine artist grades and look creates or
adds to a project in a creative and interesting way than that is art in my
book and I admire that. I also respect the hard work that many colourists do
every day grading dailies or to tight creative or budget controls from a DP
or producer and all the technical precision, patience and communication that
is required but I don't think that most would feel that every transfer they
lay down is creative art, it is a skilled transfer which is not less just
Some colourists create such powerful, gentle, provoking or down right
bizarre images from sometimes quite different film material that it never
ceases to impress me. That is good craft skill and good art.
If you need to drag yourself out of bed every day then maybe you need a new

> Ahh one more from the Rob Lingelbach school of humility. I say that because
> Rob and I have discussed this one before. I think that if you bother to do
> something for a living, you should do it well. You should believe you do it
> well. You should not be afraid to say so.

I agree but I find that genuinely gifted people don't need to create spin,
their proof is in their work. Maybe it's a cultural difference, I don't
I guess Rob and I may have something in common then.

Going back to ground as my workload is very high right now.

Paul G.

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