[Tig] no resume's or CVs to tig-announce

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Jul 22 18:30:58 BST 2002

On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 11:51:17AM +0100, Paul Grace wrote:
> > no resume's or CVs should be posted to the tig-announce either in
> > text or attachments, they are too much for people who subscribe
> > to the tig from places where slow modem access is the norm.
> Rob,
> Please can you think again on this. I agree with you on attachments and long
> text but short CV descriptions and a link if possible to a www page would be
> OK wouldn't it?

I have considered a CV to be at least a page, if it's considerably shorter
than that no problem.  But I think the web is the place for lengthy resumes
and CV's... as you know I provide that capability on the tig site and have
for years.

> These are hard times and there are lots of people that need any help we can
> give. 

That's why we're having the ads for open positions on the main tig.. and all
this help via the tig is free to subscribers.

Rob Lingelbach      http://www.alegria.com      rob at calarts.edu

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