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Pedro Conforti pedroconforti
Mon Jul 22 19:55:25 BST 2002

I think this is an interesting parabole, so I'll try to translate it back to
you, since it was told me in portuguese. Please forgive my english mistakes.
It is by a guy named Donald Strine (maybe one of you even know him). So here
it goes:

Imagine that film never existed; every feature movie is being done in HD, a
media capable of some thousands of colors and a fair enough resolution.

Then, after a lot of research, someone comes up with 35mm film: it can
handle millions of colors and have 4 times HD resolution (ok, I know it is
becoming inaccurate at this point, but the story is still worth).

Costing, say, 20% more on the movie budget, who would NOT want to use this
brand new technology?



ps. about the last sentence, it just came to my mind that DPs used to have
HD's WYSIWYG would probably be unconfortably about working with a new media
(film) that needs to be developed before you can see what you have just
done... anyway, it is up to you to think about it. Or not!

It's a wonder we can even feed ourselves.
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Subject: Re: [socios-abc]: Digital versus filme

Sempre que leio alguma coisa sobre DIGITAL X FILME me vem a cabe?a um
exerc?cio de imagina??o muito interessante que me foi passado pelo Donald
Strine, engenheiro aposentado da Kodak (hoje professor de cinematografia):

Imaginem que nunca existiu filme cinematogr?fico e que todos os longas est?o
sendo feitos em HD, uma m?dia que exibe alguns milhares de cores e com
defini??o razo?vel. A? algu?m inventa o filme 35mm, que exibe milh?es de
cores e tem mais de 4 vezes a defini??o do HD! Por um custo aproximadamente
20% maior - no or?amento total de um longa - quem n?o ia querer usar essa
nova tecnologia?

Edu Ruiz

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