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JSnopes at aol.com JSnopes
Fri Jul 26 03:47:56 BST 2002

bwychgel at yahoo.com wrote:

>Digital projection gives a cleaner, stable image to
>the audience, 

Yes, but with less resolution.  I saw a test of "Clones" shown at NAB on 
a Christie DLP projector.  I was in the second row.  Jaggies galore.  Not 
a pleasant experience...  1280 x 1024 can't compare to a frame of 35mm.

The new JVC 2K D-ILA was a lot more impressive -- I could walk up to the 
screen, and at under a foot, barely see pixels.  This is the techology 
Kodak is embracing for their digital cinema efforts.

But remember, there's no incentive for the theaters to go digital -- they 
won't sell any more popcorn...

Jeff "buttered" Kreines

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